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Complete GTA V Game Cheat Collection Code For PC

GTA V Game Cheat Code For PC
Playing GTA V games on PC feels incomplete if you don't use cheat codes. There are many cheat codes that you can use to simplify the mission and make the excitement while playing this GTA V game.
There are various cheats in GTA V PC games such as, Cheat to bring up vehicles, Weapons, Until Cheat Invulnerability. Now in this post the admin will provide a complete list of GTA V Cheat Games for the PC platform.

Complete list of GTA V Cheat for PC

How to Activate Cheat:

To activate the cheat, press the TAP button on the keyboard bearing the Tilde (~) button in the upper left corner of the keyboard. Enter the GTA cheat before then enter, if the cheat is active then there will be a notification that the cheat is active.

TOOLUP = Cheat to get additional weapons and bullets
LAWYERUP = The lowest police pursuit cheat level Star 1
FUGITIVE = Highest police pursuit cheat level 5 Stars
HOTHANDS = Super fist cheat
HOPTOIT = Super jump cheat
POWERUP  = Cheat to fill abilities instantly
FLOATER = Moon gravity cheat
SNOWDAY  = Slick car cheat
LIQUOR  = Cheat mode drunk
SKYFALL = Skyfall Cheat (move the character to the sky)
MAKEITRAIN  = The cheat changes the weather
PAINKILLER = The cheat can't die in 5 minutes
JRTALENT = Cheat selects all available characters
TURTLE = Full life and armor cheat
GOTGILLS = Cheat swimming quickly
CATCHME = Cheat runs fast
INCENDIARY = Fire bullet cheat
HIGHEX = Bullet cheat exploded
SLOWMO = Cheat slow-motion mode
DEADEYE = Cheat aiming weapons with slow-motion
BANDIT = Cheat brings up BMX bikes
COMET = Comet sports car cheat
FLYSPRAY = Cheat raises fertilizer spreader planes
VINEWOOD = Cheat raises Limousine car
SKYDIVE = Cheat brings up a parachute
ROCKET = Cheat raises PCJ-600
RAPIDGT = The cheat raises Rapid-GT
OFFROAD = Cheat raises Sanchez 
BARNSTORM = The cheat raises an acrobatic airplane
TRASHED = Cheat Raises Trashmaster 
BUZZOFF = Cheat to bring up a helicopter
HOLEIN1 = Cheat brings up a golf cart

Complete list of GTA V Cheat via Smartphone for (PS3 / PS4 & PC)

Almost the same as the GTA IV version, you can also use cheats with smartphones of each character you play. And here is the Complete Cheat for GTA V for PCs Via Smartphones.

How to activate GTA 5 Cheat via Smartphone :

How to activate it, just enter the combination of numbers below on the smartfone keyboard in your GTA V character.

1-999-468-44557 = Cheat swimming quickly
1-999-228-2463 = Cheat running fast
1-999-467-86-48 = Super jump cheat
1-999-769-3787 = Cheat refills ability
1-999-724-6545537 = Cheat to be super
1-999-887-853 = Full life and armor cheat
1-999-8665-87 = Cheat can have a lot of weapons and extra bullets
1-999-872-433 = Cheat raises the garbage truck
1-999-227-678676 = Cheat raises stunt planes
1-999-633-7263 = Cheat raises Sanchez
1-999-529-93787 = Cheat mevel lowest police pursuit
1-999-384-48483 = Cheat level is the highest police chase
1-999-762-538 = Cheat gave rise to the PCJ-600 motorcycle
1-999-759-3483 = Cheat gives rise to a parachute
1-999-759-3255 = Freefall cheat
1-999-846-39663 = Cheat gives rise to a limousine
1-999-359-77729 = Cheat raises fertilizer spreader planes
1-999-727-4348 = The cheat raised a Rapid GT car
1-999-578-25368 = Cheat chooses any character
1-999-266-38 = Cheat raises Comet (sports car)
1-999-4653-461 = Cheat brings up golf carts
1-999-332-3393 = Cheat aiming weapons with slow-motion
1-999-468-42637 = Super fist cheat
1-999-444-439 = Cheat bullet exploded
1-999-462-363-4279 = Fire bullet cheat
1-999-547867 = Cheat mode drunk
1-999-756-966 = Cheat slow-motion mode
1-999-6253-48-7246 = Cheat changes the weather
1-999-367-3767 = Cheat turns smartphone themes black
1-999-289-9633 = Cheat raises the Buzzard helicopter
1-999-766-9329 = Car cheat has become slippery
1-999-226-348 = Cheat gave rise to BMX bikes
1-999-356-2837 = Low gravity cheat

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That was posting a complete cheat list of GTA V games for PC. Finally, thank you for visiting my blog, have a nice day.